Lost Antartctica
The Show

Few of us will ever go to Antarctica. Luckily, the imagination knows no borders, and the creative team behind “Lost Antarctica” invites us to an audiovisual journey to see Antarctica through the eyes of the marine biologist, explorer and one of the leading expers on this continent, James McClintock.

In their previous collaborations director Valters Sīlis and dramaturg Jānis Balodis have addressed the absurdity of state bureaucratic documents, consequences of the pollution of a local river and the institution of presidency in Latvia, delivering witty and very personal comment on the effects of decision-making on everyday reality in Latvia. “Lost Antarctica” is their appeal to appreciate something outside the ordinary. Here they offer a close-up and heartfelt look (helped largely by the captivating handmade imagery by Ieva Kauliņa) at the wondrous place at the bottom of the world that we are on the brink of losing.